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Bucket Test App Update December 2020

We are aware that there have been issues recently accessing the Bucket Test App. This is currently being worked on by the software developers and we hope to have a resolution for you shortly. In the meantime, if you need to complete a bucket test and you cannot access the App we suggest you use IRRIG8Lite. IRRIG8Lite is a desktop application that also meets the Irrigation System Performance Code of Practice.

Click here to download. 

Check-It Bucket Test App

The Bucket Test App is available for android and iOS. It can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

The App walks you through an annual performance assessment, provides the results instantly to your phone and e-mails a report to you. The App is now available for all irrigation system types except Drip-micro.

If you need a step by step explanation of how this App works, have a look at the 'How to' guide . The guide is designed to give new users an insight into the questions and processes required to successfully complete a bucket test.

Start-up checks & Bucket Test methodologies

It is important that irrigators check their irrigation system(s) at the beginning of each irrigation season. Start-up checks must be performed before undertaking a Bucket Test. Click here to access the Start-up checks. The Bucket Test methodologies for all common irrigation systems are provided below -

Centre Pivot


Sprayline (pods, long lateral, solid set)

Travelling Irrigators (boom, gun, rotorainer)


Water Supply


IRRIG8Lite IRRIG8lite is a stand-alone tool that can be used to assess the depth and uniformity of irrigation applications. It also contains simple energy assessments for pump and mainline efficiency.

Download IRRIG8Lite.setup