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IrrigationNZ has worked with Site Safe to develop the Site Safe Foundation Passport - Civil (Irrigation). This new half-day course will issue you with, or renew, your Site Safety Card. It is designed specifically for the irrigation industry with photos and discussions focused on rural/irrigation scenarios. This new half-day course has the same status as the civil course.

Course Overview:

The Foundation Passport - Civil (Irrigation) introduces learners to:

      › Vital topics such as how to keep themselves health and safe.

      › Identifying hazards and risks, and how to apply the appropriate

      › Understanding their legal responsibilities.

      › Promoting good mental health.

Course content:

› Why is health and safety important?

› Workers’ part in health and safety

› Getting ready to work: 

   › Being physically and mentally fit for work

› Know the site: 

    › Site induction

        › Site culture

        › What a healthy and safe work environment looks like

        › Technical terms and jargon used onsite

› Know the law:

        › Fundamental topics about HSWA: what it is, and the roles and          
          responsibilities of workers and employers (PCBU)
› How can workers be harmed?

        › Identifying common hazards and critical risks in an irrigation           

› What can workers do about it?

        › Identifying common controls that are used in an
          irrigation environment.

Who is the course for?

Workers in the New Zealand irrigation sector, young workers and apprentices, secondary school students looking to enter the irrigation sector, workers who have shifted careers into the irrigation sector, or migrant workers who may or may not have international irrigation work experience.


Upcoming courses:

Date: 27th June 2024
Time: 1pm - 5pm
Location: Hotel Ashburton, 11/35 Racecourse Road, Ashburton

Date: 5th July 2024
Time: 7.45am - 12 noon
Location: Site Safe - Christchurch, 90 Carmen Road, Hornby, Christchurch

To book this course please email or phone 03 349 9963.

To enquire on courses in a different region, or any future courses, please contact Suzanne Edwards at or phone 03 349 9963.

Site Safe Foundation Passport - Civil (Irrigation) Brochure