Irrigation New Zealand

‘Improve your irrigation skills’

INZ delivers a 1-day training course aimed at Managers and Operators of irrigation systems. Its focus is to help irrigators achieve Good Practice Irrigation. The day provides a mix of classroom learning and 'in the paddock' practical application. Topics include:


What you need to know and how it affects your business. How do the RMA, Plan Rules and Consents fit together?


Builds on your knowledge of soils, water and climate to help you understand how to schedule irrigation applications and also includes the range of tools available to help.

Operation and maintenance

The safety and efficiency of your irrigator and your staff depends on regular maintenance and correct procedures being followed. How you go about developing procedures specific to your farm?

After an 'irrigator walk' we begin building an operations and maintenance manual specific to your property.

Bucket test

Data collected during the 'irrigator walk' is analysed using tools developed to check the performance of irrigators. This is a practical exercise that you can use on your farm.

Take-home resources and support

A comprehensive set of resources is provided to take home for reference and further learning.

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