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The purpose of this Code is to outline the requirements and good industry practice for the selection, installation verification, and validation of water measurement devices/systems required for water permit holders to meet their obligations under the Resource Management (Measurement and Reporting of Water Takes) Regulations 2010 (Reprint 2020) from here on referred to as the Regulations.

The New Zealand Water Measurement Code of Practice (COP) has been reviewed and the latest version is now available. 

Key changes made in the 2021 update to ensure the information is current with regard to requirements under the Resource Management (Measurement and Reporting of Water Takes) Regulations which were updated in 2020 to require all takes of 5l/sec of more to provide 15 minute interval data to councils daily (with a few exceptions). This is to be phased in between now and 3 September 2026.

Important changes to note within the COP are:

  • Systems reporting via telemetry need dataloggers with at least 1 month of storage (more may be required by the consent)
  • There is a list of expectations for consent holders to have completed prior to applying for telemetry exemptions under the regulations
  • Those granted exemptions, and using standalone data loggers, the loggers are to store at least 12 months of data
  • There is a new section (Section E) which is about the commissioning and management of portable pumps with water meters attached
  • Appendix D and E which refer to different Councils requirements for verification type and frequency have been updated.

The Water Measurement 'Blue Tick' Accreditation Programme has been championed by IrrigationNZ to give permit holders certainty that service providers will deliver services that comply with the Resource Management (Measurement and Reporting of Water Takes) Regulations 2010.

Resource Management (Measurement and Reporting of Water Takes) Amendment Regulations 2020. 

For more information on the "Blue Tick" Programme, including:

  • Water Measurement Guidelines (for industry and irrigators)
  • Accreditation applications
  • Accredited companies

Click here for a list of Blue Tick water measurement accredited service providers.

Water Measurement COP - Updated 2023