Irrigation New Zealand

Media Release

12/06/2019 - Water investment critical for the future of Hawke’s Bay

27/05/2019 - Investment in water storage good news for Wairarapa

23/05/2019 - Eastern Bay of Plenty to benefit from access to water

18/04/2019 - Irrigation sector committed to continuing to improve environmental practices

18/04/2019 - Water tax decision allows environmental improvements to be targeted

08/04/2019 - ​IrrigationNZ congratulates government on community water storage investment

04/04/2019 - Irrigation industry looks to the future

28/03/2019 - Schools learn about irrigation without leaving the classroom

21/02/2019 - ​A new water tax would affect everyone

30/01/2019 - ​New way of applying fertiliser may benefit the environment

21/01/2019 - Interview with INZ's new Chief Executive

19/12/2018 - IrrigationNZ welcomes new Chief Executive

06/12/2018 - Irrigation efficiency testing programme now operating in South Canterbury

04/12/2018 - ​Water storage essential for future resilience - as experts cite drought as a major risk

10/10/2018 - ​IrrigationNZ CEO makes a career change

09/10/2018 - ​Government's freshwater announcement positive, but policy certainty is critical

09/10/2018 - ​River quality trends show progress

28/09/2018 - ​Nebraska tour generates new ideas amongst Kiwi farmers

28/09/2018 - Hunter Downs announcement a loss for South Canterbury

21/09/2018 - ​A water tax isn’t workable - but changes on the farm are improving water efficiency

07/09/2018 - ​Waimea dam decision good news for Tasman

29/08/2018 - ​No dam decision will hurt Tasman’s future

17/08/2018 - ​Farming educator explains how hot weather could impact farmers

14/08/2018 - Appeal decision a win for irrigators, but work still needed on rules

10/08/2018 - ​Water storage increasingly important for food production as droughts worsen internationally

07/08/2018 - ​$18 million investment in Waimea Dam critical to avoid Nelson/Tasman losing $1 Billion

07/08/2018 - ​Māori Freshwater Forum a step forward in resolving water rights

05/07/2018 - ​New research on changing irrigation practices to reduce nitrogen losses exciting

27/06/2018 - ​Land and Water Forum recommendations supported but local decision making important

05/06/2018 - Good Farming Practice launch welcomed