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Irrigation is a key enabler for growing food, in particular grains, crops, fruit and vegetables consumed in New Zealand. To grow food and keep costs under control we need better water capture, storage and resilience around use.



Our priorities are to engage with regional and central government to influence policy development. We meet regularly with Government Ministers, ministries and Primary Industry spokespeople across the political spectrum. We engage with farmer, grower and industry organisations to ensure we support their advocacy and that we have a collective voice for the primary sector.

IrrigationNZ focuses its advocacy work at the national level. IrrigationNZ also gets involved in the regions when the issue is precedent-setting for irrigation.

IrrigationNZ Submission Schedule - Updated 3/11/2023

Consultation Type/Name Date Completed/Due Date
Taumata ArowaiSmall drinking water supplier acceptable solution.Ongoing 2023Active engagement on acceptable solutions monitoring methods
Department of Internal Affairs Rural Sector Water Forum Consultation on the Water Services Bill

Ongoing 2023

Active engagement on newly established advisory group
Ministry for the Environment (MfE) Proposed amendments to the RMA to introduce NBA
Before Parliament as draft plus SOP On-going collaboration across primary sector groups and MfE.

Ministry for the Environment (MfE)

NES Drinking Water 25 March 2022 Modified NES engagement on redrafted version taking account of feedback July 2023

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Te Ara Paerangi- Future Pathways

White paper Dec 2022

Initially active engagement with MBIE and primary sector group at strategic level on-going
Ministry for the Environment (MfE)Freshwater Farm Plans Active Collaborators group Received revised regulations for review prior to release with modifications following feedbackOn-going  collaboration, now at implementation level
Te Waihanga NZ Infrastructure ComissionNational Adaptation Plan On goingActive engagement on going including new consultation from DPMC on infrastructure resilience
Ministry for Primary IndustriesNational Organic Standard Submission on matter relating to best practice in irrigation management Completed April 2023, on going engagement
Mistry for the Environment National Objectives Framework April 2023 Submitted feedback on guidance documents
Severe Weather Emergency Recovery Legislation Submitted feedback on legislation under organic April 2023 Completed
Bay of Plenty Regional Council Renewing Regional Policy Statement
Feedback and consultation beginning in 2023 Consulation Underway
Northland Regional Council
Regional Water and Soil plan changes Submissions opening early 2023

Awaiting consultation framework

Otago Regional Council Updating Land and Water Regional Plan Opening for submissions late 2023
Awaiting consultation framework, including meetings with IrrigationNZ Board and ORC Councillors

Environment Canterbury

Regional Policy Statement

Late 2023

On going active engagement

Horizons Regional Council

Manawatū-Whanganui Region, the One Plan

Late 2023
On going active engagement

Stats NZ Agricultural Production Survey 2024Due 18th August 2023Completed 

Ministry for the Environment 

Submission on potential amendments to the National Policy Statement for Highly Productive Land (NPS-HPL)Due October 2023 Completed 

Ministry for the Environment 

Submission to assist the proposed inquiry into community-led retreat and adaptation funding

Due November 2023