Irrigation New Zealand

SMART Irrigation is a practical way for irrigators to implement and demonstrate Good Management Practice.

Well managed irrigation is part of the commitment by IrrigationNZ and our members to the Good Farming Practice Action Plan for Water Quality.

SMART Irrigation allows irrigators to maintain financial viability whilst meet community expectations around sustainable water management.

Requirements of SMART Irrigation

  1. The irrigation system is efficient
  2. Irrigation is scheduled
  3. Operators are trained
  4. Auditable records are kept

The Irrigation System IS Efficient

  • Any new development, upgrade or redevelopment is consistent with the Irrigation Design and Installation Codes of Practice and Standards. Accredited Irrigation Design companies have made a commitment to follow these.
  • Any new development, upgrade or redevelopment is commissioned to demonstrate it has achieved its design performance parameters.
  • The irrigation system has an annual performance assessment to demonstrate it continues to perform efficiently.

Irrigation is scheduled

  • When scheduling irrigation, any water use must be compliant with your consent conditions - this is a legal requirement.
  • There are a number of ways to schedule your irrigation, these include;

Operators are trained

Training is key for everyone involved in irrigation and must include health and safety considerations.

INZ runs practical irrigation manager and irrigation development training that provide a great way for irrigators to upskill and be safe.

IrrigationNZ has developed a number of resources for irrigators including guides, templates and checklists, these are available free to all members, or provided free as part of the training.

Auditable records are kept

Records are key to SMART Irrigation. Without evidence accountability is compromised. Records also provide a useful tool for analysis of performance and continual improvement.

The following ‘ guide to water management during the irrigation season’ provides some simple tips for you to manage your irrigation efficiently.