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Application Process

Water Measurement encompasses four services: Data Management, Open Channel, Installation, and Verification

The latter two require the completion of the unit standard workbook before applying. As the workbooks are distance learning you don't have to attend training. You do, however, need access to an already suitably qualified person to sign off the practical component to the workbook. If you do not have ready access to a suitably qualified person, please contact us to discuss options available to you.

For more information on the Installation and Verification workbooks click here .

The fees to enroll for each workbook are NZ$500 (GST excl). Material will be sent out on receipt of payment. If you wish to attend the training day this will be a separate cost (to be confirmed).

To get a workbook, please email and give us the following information:

  • Workbook you need: installation or verification
  • Name and contact details of the enrolled staff
  • Copy of an ID (passport or Driving Licence)

All applicants have exactly 3 months to complete each workbook and submit this to The due date will be specified by email when the workbook/s are first sent out. Unless extension is granted to the applicant upon initial request (extension must be received via email a minimum of one week prior to the due date), all workbooks which have missed their due date will be expired. Sitting the workbook/s again requires a new application to be submitted along with full payment made. No refunds will be granted for expired applications.

Workbooks will be marked within 2 weeks and feedback, if necessary, will be sent back to the applicant to resubmit on.

For further questions please contact  

Blue tick Accreditation application:

Once you've completed the unit standard for the service you want to apply to, attach proof of this to the application form and submit both to Irrigation NZ.

Renewal Process

Your renewal will be acknowledged by reply email, within three working days of your submission. If you do not receive this please contact 

An electronic invoice will then be issued. Your renewal fee must be paid up front. It will start being processed as soon as payment is made.

Your renewal will then be sent to each Regulatory Authority in the regions you apply to service as part of the assessment process. During this process, you may be contacted and asked to clarify or provide additional information.

A decision will be made within three months of the assessment starting date. You will be advised by email and also by formal letter. Successful applicants will receive a certificate of accreditation and can obtain the relevant logo from

Accreditation Programme Fees

Installation Workbook: $500

Verification Workbook: $500

Material will be sent out on reception of payment.

Applications Fees

Application Fee: $500

Renewal Fee: $500 (2-yearly)

All fees are GST exclusive.

This $500 fee covers for the processing of the application, but also for the continual updating of the Water Measurement Code of Practice, as well as the cost for managing any complaint.

Should a company's application not be acceptable then the re-submission will be treated as a new application and the organisation will need to demonstrate how issues highlighted in the original application have been addressed.


An electronic invoice will be issued upon receipt of your full documentation.

Water Measurement Accreditation Application assessment is subject to full payment of this invoice.

Useful Resources

Water Measurement COP

The New Zealand Water Measurement Code Of Practice