Irrigation New Zealand
By now you'll be aware of last night's COVID-19 announcement and with that, we have compiled some important points. 
  • Level 3 applies to Auckland, the rest of New Zealand will be under level 2 from midday on 12 August. The Auckland region is everything in the Auckland Council boundary — from Wellsford in the north to Pukekohe in the south.
  • For those in Auckland, the same restrictions that applied previously under Level 3 will be in place. Essential services are still able to continue as they did before.
  • For those farmers and growers and the service industry on the edges of the Auckland restricted area (such as Pukekohe), it is particularly important that your workers have evidence (such as a letter from their employer) as there will be police roadblocks in place.  Your workers may not be able to move through the roadblocks without evidence of their status as essential workers.
  • Please practice strict hygiene practices – masks are recommended, stay home if you are unwell but make sure you get tested.
  • For the rest of New Zealand, it is recommended that you work from home if you are able and have masks available should they be required.
  • Social distancing rules apply.
  • For more information, visit for general information or for more specific information for the primary sector.
Stay safe, look after each other, take care.
Elizabeth Soal 
IrrigationNZ CEO