Irrigation New Zealand

Business Details

  •   PO Box 69133, Lincoln, Canterbury, 7640, New Zealand

Established in 1964, Lincoln Agritech Ltd is a multidisciplinary research and development company owned by Lincoln University. We deliver leading-edge science and engineering for the environment, agriculture and industry.

Our passion is to inquire and innovate, to drive science and engineering research to create new knowledge and technologies that enable our clients and stakeholders to prosper. Our work is funded through a combination of government-funded science programmes, contract research, and consultancy; examples of our work can be found throughout New Zealand and internationally:

IRRICAD – Irrigation design software. IRRICAD is a world-leading design software program, specifically developed for the irrigation industry by Lincoln Agritech. Launched in 1988, today IRRICAD is distributed globally and sold to over 85 countries.

Hydrometrics GW50 – Optical Groundwater Nitrate Sensor. Lincoln Agritech has developed a low-cost sensor that measures the concentration of nitrates in groundwater via monitoring wells.

Deep South National Science Challenge - Using 4D drones to monitor cloud and snow formation, the project aims to enhance our understanding of weather systems and processes underlying climate change.

Lincoln Agritech is a vibrant organisation with over 50 staff, including scientists, research engineers and software developers, working across our Lincoln and Hamilton sites. We combine a passion for discovery and invention with a down-to-earth pragmatism to deliver real outcomes across the whole primary sector value chain. Our people work closely with industry, central and local government, iwi, and communities to deliver “tomorrow’s solutions for today’s problems”. From a better business to a better world, our attitude is that our research must enhance New Zealand’s environmental, primary, and industrial sectors, and ultimately the well-being of New Zealand’s people, economy and environment.