Irrigation New Zealand

IrrigationNZ says the government’s recent announcement that a new Maori Freshwater forum to address Māori rights and interests in water will be established may help provide future certainty for all water users.

“The Waitangi Tribunal has previously declared that Māorihave rights in relation to freshwater. The new Freshwater Forum is potentially a step forward as it is in everyone’s interests for those rights to be clarified sooner rather than later so that all water users have certainty for the future,” says Andrew Curtis, Chief Executive of IrrigationNZ.

Environment Minister David Parker also said that a non-Māorifreshwater forum would also be formed.

IrrigationNZ says that this forum needs to represent a wide variety of interests in freshwater and must have a close working relationship with the Māori freshwater forum.

“We need to see environmental, community and science organisations as well as councils, farmers and water users involved in the freshwater forum. The forum needs to be solutions orientated, informed by science and focused on the implementation of practical changes. To be successful everyone needs to be part of the discussion from day one,” Mr Curtis says.

Māori Development Minister Nanaia Mahuta said at the announcement of the new forum that “one of the biggest inhibitors of developing Maori land is the lack of access to water.”

“With climate change bringing less reliable rainfall in the future, irrigation will become increasingly important to enable farmers and growers to produce a consistent supply of food,” says Mr Curtis.

IrrigationNZ Chief Executive Andrew Curtis says it is good to see the government acknowledge the importance of access to reliable water sources for agriculture and he hopes that this will be included in the new forums discussions.

Worldwide, 40% of food is grown on irrigated land, which makes up 20% of all agricultural land globally.