Irrigation New Zealand

From the 7-9 April 2020 Irrigation NZ will host its biennial Conference at the Airforce Museum of New Zealand, Christchurch, Wigram - Water for Life. The event aims to create awareness about water use in New Zealand and the importance of making future proof decisions about water infrastructure, allocation and policy.

Media are invited to attend the IrrigationNZ Water for Life Conference 2020, 7-9 April in Christchurch - as the country debates the criticality of water and the growing need to carefully manage this precious resource. Media are also invited to attend farm tours the day before the Conference to see land use for hemp, quinoa, lilies and blackcurrants production, as well as learning how beer is made from hops to bottle! Media accreditation is required.

Did you know in New Zealand there are more than 425, 000km of rivers and streams and about 400 lakes and over 200 aquifers. As a country, we only use about 2% of water resources while the other 98% flows out to sea. Annual waterflow is 145million litres per person.

With so much of this amazing resource available how can we look after it and how can we make sure it is still available for years to come. The population of our country is growing, climate change is more prominent than ever before, and the demand for access to water as well as improving quality at the same time is increasing. There is also a growing debate around water rights and allocation.

Tackling these issues requires a robust conversation - and that is exactly what will happen at the IrrigationNZ conference.

The Conference will offer workshops and discussions from insightful and knowledgeable people such as Agri Economist Susan Kilsby, AgResearch Scientist Seth Laurenson, Waimea Water CEO Mike Scott, academics, financial experts, innovators, farmers, council staff, IrrigationNZ representatives and many more.

There will be a large central Government presence – important given 2020 is an election year. And our keynote speaker is coming all the way from Kansas, USA, who invented his own form of irrigation – dragon line, in response to depleting water resources and the need to conserve and efficiently use this natural resource.

A link to the programme is here.

Please contact IrrigationNZ Communications Manager Ella Stokes – 0275216271 for media accreditation to the event.