Irrigation New Zealand

Action for Healthy Waterways IrrigationNZ final submission

Dam Safety Review submission

Electricity Price Review Options submission

Interim Tax Working Group Report

New infrastructure body submission

Conservation Fish bill submission

INZ Electricity Submission

Submission: Our climate – Your say consultation

Summary of planned submission points on Environment Canterbury Representation Review

Submission on the Future of Tax Background Paper (2018)

Summary of submission points on future of tax background paper

Black hole and feasibility expenditure 2017

INZ Clean Water 2017

Primary Sector Science Direction 2016

Submission on Irrigation company exemptions from FMC Act

Conservation and Environment Science Roadmap 2016

FMA Consultation Paper - Exemptions for small offers of cooperative shares

INZ Next Steps Freshwater 2016

Next steps for fresh water

Resource Management Amendment Bill

INZ ECan (Transitional Governance Arrangements) Bill 2015

Plumbers Act Review

Environment Canterbury Review Discussion Document

NPS Freshwater Management 2011 Amendments Discussion Document

Keeping Our Dams Safe Consulatation Document

Rural Agricultural Drinking Water Supply Guideline Consultation Document

Freshwater Reform 2013 and beyond

Improving Our Resource Management System Discussion Document

Local Government and Environment Committee – Building Amendment Bill (No.4) Evidence

Local Government and Environment Committee - Building Amendment Bill (No.4)

Proposed Environmental Reporting Bill

EMC Compliance Proposed Code of Practice for the Supply, Installation and Operation of Power Drive Systems (Variable Speed Drives)

Proposed Dam Safety Scheme

Review of the Dam Safety Scheme

Infrastructure: Facts & Issues – Towards the First Infrastructure Plan

Plumbing Act review 2015