Irrigation New Zealand

Event Details

  •  Ashburton, New Zealand
  •  Wednesday 25 September
  •  10:00 am - 16:30 pm


This course provides a mix of classroom learning and in the paddock practical application which will give you the confidence to know:

  • what good irrigation management practice is
  • what steps to take to achieve good irrigation management practice and meet Farm Environment Plan requirements
  • how to operate your irrigation system correctly
  • when to irrigate and when you shouldn’t waste your time and money switching your system on!
  • How to manage your irrigation systems to keep them operating well
  • What technology is useful and practical to help make irrigation decisions.

We cover the following topics. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and identify solutions to meet your unique situation.

  • Irrigation Regulation - what you need to know. How do the RMA, Consents and Plan Rules fit together and affect you?
  • Irrigation Scheduling – develop your knowledge of soils, water and climate to understand how to schedule irrigation applications. This includes an explanation and demonstration of the tools available to help scheduling.
  • Operation and Maintenance - The safety and efficiency of your irrigator and your staff depends on maintenance and correct procedures being followed. We explain how to develop procedures to suit your farm. After an ‘irrigator walk’ we begin building an operations & maintenance manual specific to your property.
  • Irrigator Performance Assessment - Data collected during the ‘irrigator walk’ is analysed using tools to check irrigator performance. This is a practical application you can use on your farm.

Take Home Resources and Support ‘Irrigation Toolkit’ including a suite of resource guides is provided to take home for use amongst your team.


INZ member $350+GST

Non member $550+GST

View from course attendee: Yesterday was a well spent day for myself, I picked up on heaps, some things I had good upstanding of and got a much better understanding and possibly a bit of a hurry up on! But there was a lot of high level stuff that will help me improve the performance of my system.

I have been irrigating for 14 years and haven't come across anyone with Steve’s experience before so it was very valuable to me.

Malcolm- Manawatu, Dairy Farmer