Irrigation New Zealand

This training course will help you acquire the specialist skills required to design efficient and sustainable irrigation systems. This Level 5 certificate runs for 18 months and is suitable for people with prior knowledge and experience in irrigation. You will be required to design two different irrigation systems, to do this you will need access to two properties which are in the process of developing irrigation.

At the end of this programme, you’ll be able to:

•Work with the customer to best determine the irrigation needs on their property

•Design the system most suitable to meet these needs

•Plan the installation and commissioning of the new system

•Prepare design reports, as-built drawings and an operation and maintenance manual

Assessment requirements:

•A completed design brief for a property

•2 irrigation system design reports

•A contract to deliver, as-built drawing and installation and commissioning plans for an irrigation system

•An operation and maintenance manual for an operator

•Worked examples and questions

Course materials:

•Evidence portfolio outlining all the assessment requirements.

•Learning materials including worked examples, INZ templates and guidelines. Codes of practice and standard

Course Details 2020

Module 1:16th and 17th Jan 2020

Module 2: 10th - 14th Feb 2020

Module 3: 12th-13th March 2020

Venue: Lincoln

Cost: $7000 + GST - Full course attending all training modules

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For further information contact our Event Co-ordinator 03 341 2225, DDI: 03 974 1425 or email:

Read more about being part of the design qualificationIn November, IrrigationNZ interviewed Sam Franklin of Waterforce, who started the qualification in January 2018, about how he’s finding the course.

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