Irrigation New Zealand

‘Get it right first time’

INZ delivers a 1-day training course aimed at farmers and growers developing or upgrading irrigation. This course will enable you to identify and specify the right irrigation system for your property. Being an informed purchaser of irrigation equipment and services is key to getting what you need.

The day provides a mix of classroom learning and 'in the paddock' practical application. Topics include:


What you need to know and how it affects your business. How do the RMA, Plans and Consents fit together?

Specifying an irrigation system

What information do you need to know and how do you obtain it. Providing your designer with your design brief.

Contracts and commissioning

Why are contracts important? An overview of the INZ standard installation contract. What should commissioning involve?

Operation and maintenance

The safety and efficiency of your irrigator and your staff depends on regular maintenance and correct procedures being followed. How do you go about developing procedures specific to your farm?

Take-hone resources and support

A comprehensive set of resources is provided to take home for reference and further learning.

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