Irrigation New Zealand

INZ has developed a set of principles that guide its advocacy activities:

  1. Ownership Nobody "owns" water in New Zealand, instead a permit is granted for its use.
  2. Good Management Practice All users of water have a responsibility to use it efficiently through the adoption of "Good Management Practice"
  3. Managing river flows and groundwater levels Water is plentiful in New Zealand, however its efficient use requires sound planning, investment and management.
  4. Managing water quality Water quality must not be unacceptably altered through irrigation.
  5. Integrated catchment management Integrated catchment management underpinned by audited self-management is the optimal approach to water management.
  6. Science and knowledge Water management decision making must be informed by robust science and reflect community values.
  7. Water infrastructures and communities There are multiple benefits from water infrastructure - its development and funding must reflect this.
  8. Water charges Water charges in new Zealand should only be set to recover water supply and resource management costs.

IrrigationNZ Principles : download this pdf to read a more detailed explanations of those principles.